Coconut Oil Revitalize and Repair Conditioner

Coconut Oil Revitalize and Repair Conditioner

This Coconut Revitalize and Repair Conditioner is specially formulated to infuse the hair with intense moisture by deeply penetrating the hair shaft to rehydrate and nourish the scalp. Promotes natural hair growth by strengthening dry, dull and damaged hair, mends split ends and reduces shedding and breakage. Uniquely formulated with a quality source of Argan Oil and Coconut Milk, this hair conditioner naturally preserves oils and rids the scalp of product buildup without stripping away needed oils.  Naturally increases softness while reducing frizz. Argan Oil thickens the hair shaft and prevents hair loss while imparting a natural shine. Coconut Oil provides nourishment while adding strength and elasticity. Vitamin E soothes the scalp while creating a healthy environment.  Say Goodbye to Tangling, Dandruff and Damaged hair.

  • Directions

    After shampooing with our Coconut Oil Revitalize and Repair Shampoo, apply to wet hair and gently comb through ends to scalp for even distribution. Leave in for 5-15 minutes. Rinse. Style as desired. For best results pair with Weightless Coconut Leave-In Conditioning Cream or Stimulating Hair Growth Repair Oil.




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