5 Reasons You Need to Switch and Stick to Microfiber Hair Towels

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Hey you. Yes you. If you're still using a bath towel to dry your hair, stop! Switch to a microfiber hair towel instead. Microfiber hair towels are relatively new to haircare - but are now the new must haves ! Let's find out why.

  1. Microfiber towels have great water wicking abilities which allows for the hair to dry faster. These towels are lighter, which minimizes hair tension and helps to prevent the cuticles from becoming agitated while drying.

  2. Using a bath towel to dry your hair is one of the worst possible ways of drying hair. Rubbing the hair dry with a bath towel creates frizz and causes split ends, leaving the hair prone to breakage. This is especially for those with curly hair. Microfiber towels are soft and dense which is why they are perfect for hair drying. Easily dry your hair with a microfiber towel by wrapping the towel around your hair in a chic functional headwrap.

  3. Using a microfiber towel eliminates the need of over manipulating the hair. Say goodbye to rubbing, twisting or even wringing the hair in a bath towel. These manipulations cause damage ultimately leading to breakage, shedding and thinning hair.

  4. Yes, the hair needs moisture, but leaving water on the scalp for too long can lead to dry hair and has actually proven to be harmful. For those of you with thick hair, you know how challenging it is to fully dry your hair, which is why air drying makes you want to cry at times. Just when you think you're done drying, you realize just the top of your hair and the tips are dry, but underneath stays wet for hours. This is where a microfiber towel comes in handy. Did you know that microfiber towels actively draw water from the entire hair strand, making them super absorbent? This is great news for those with thick hair!

  5. Since microfiber towels are smaller and lighter, they are the perfect size to carry around. Whether you're working out or going on vacation, easily pack a microfiber towel or two with you. Friction, please! Say good bye to bad hair days and feel confident wherever you go.

TIP: roll the towel nice and tight to allow for more space!

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