Hair Texture Guide:What is My Hair Texture?

Many People think that their hair texture refers to how their hair feels, but the truth is, texture is not how the hair feels, it describes the state of the hair and thickness of each individual hair strand. There are 3 basic hair textures fine, medium and thick. Each texture has traits of its own. Quickly learning your hair texture will help you understand what your hair is capable of, and even better, help you take proper care of your hair!

TIP: Want to know how to identify your hair texture? Take a look at a piece of thread. If your hair is thinner than the thread, you have fine hair. If your hair is as thick and wide as the thread, you have medium hair, and if your hair is thicker than the thread you have thick hair.

FINE HAIR: Fine hair is the most fragile of the hair textures and can be easily damaged. The reason being is that each individual hair strand has two hair layers, the cortex and cuticle. Those with finer hair can tend to have oilier hair, and applying more product than needed can weigh the hair down, which leads to breakage. For those of you with fine hair you may find that it is difficult to hold a style. Volume is desired but seldomly achieved. The hair is light and can look think and tends to lay flat against the head.

FUN FACT: Those with fine hair tend to have more hair than those with thick hair

MEDIUM HAIR: Most people have medium and hair. Medium hair is thicker than fine hair and covers the scalp well. The reason being is that each individual hair strand has the same two hair layers as fine hair, but may have an additional layer known as the medulla. Those with medium hair are able to hold styles better, is not prone to breakage compared to fine hair and looks thicker.

THICK HAIR: Those with thick hair gives the impression of a fuller head of hair. The reason being is that each individual hair strand has all three layers, the cortex, cuticle and medulla. This hair texture holds styles well, is more tolerant to heat, is resistant to colour and chemical treatments, and styling products. However, is more prone to breakage compared to those with fine or medium hair. Those with thick hair may notice that it takes longer to dry their hair as well as experience frizz in humid weather.

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