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Care About Your Hair
While Caring for the  Future. 

Drugstores and retail stores have a tendency to segregate hair care products. There is a section for "Black" hair, featuring brands like SheaMoisture and Carol's Daughter and a section for "White" hair featuring brands like Aussie. By separating hair care products, a racial stereotype is being perpetuated, especially when the "Black" hair care products are crammed in a small corner. This suggests a particular race does not fit in. Being multicultural we were forced into a corner where there were never enough products or variety for people like us. We were completely ignored. Where did we fit in?

The separation of hair care products made shopping  for hair care products a difficult  and unpleasant experience. Coming from a multicultural background we struggled to find quality hair care. The approach to most hair care products marketed to the Black community or People of Color was “ one size fits all”.  This was regardless of whether you had straight, wavy or curly hair, and didn’t include whether your hair was thin, medium or thick.  We are a family of four children. Can you imagine using a hair product on 4 different people with 4 different hair textures and types? It was a disaster and an expensive one. We had to buy so many products to mix and blend to  accommodate us all.

Over the years, the market got better with more product offerings and options, but niched down, and still isn’t as inclusive. Why does shopping for hair care products have to be so complicated? If this isn’t bad enough, the ingredients in many of these products are toxic and harmful. We want to use products that are safe and clean for people and the environment. We want to know that the products we purchase will not end up in a landfill unable to be recycled. We want a brand that acknowledges us all, appreciating our differences. We want a no fluff, no frills luxury experience, without breaking the bank.  

From years of experience experimenting with mixing and blending products, we finally found what we so desperately sought after. Family and friends poured out their love and support, encouraging us to expand our family operation. Then Texture was created. Texture is more than a product line, it is a community. One where all are welcome. We celebrate gender equality, welcoming all, regardless of color, shape, age or size. We believe in social and environmental sustainability and strive to ensure the footprint we leave behind makes a difference. That is why all of our products are eco-friendly and sustainable. Texture is family. From our family to yours.



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